The Welsh Tory Story: From toxic to triumphant…. and back again?

In search of a (lazy) metaphor to describe the Conservatives’ electoral history in the Assembly I have settled on every Welsh person’s favourite roller coaster – Oakwood’s Megaphobia. It started slow, on a ride they didn’t want to go on, but they have incrementally climbed higher and higher, with a few dips on the way… but could it all be about to come to a grinding halt?

Much like Megaphobia itself,  I realise this metaphor is pretty crap… 

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Why Stephen Crabb maybe, possibly, probably won’t be Tory leader

I understand that it is now obligatory for all journalists to follow the name Stephen Crabb with the phrase, “a potential successor as Conservative Party Leader”. The furore over last weekend following his appointment as Work and Pensions Overlord has led to the UK media almost convincing themselves that that the rising stock of the Crabb-man meant he was Conservative Leader in waiting.

But, I’m not so sure his path to the top of the Tory tree (you know like the logo) is in anyway likely, or at all politically possible.

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Labour: “but it doesn’t feel like we are winning…”

It is all seemingly doom and gloom when it comes to Labour at the moment. The UK party is in disarray and every journalist not on the Morning Star payroll is rubbing their hands with glee as Comrade Corbyn seems to move from one gaffe to the next [insert strong example here]. But Wales was the land once lefter-than-left and it would be a very brave bet to go against Carwyn continuing his premiership in Cardiff Bay come May. So, do Labour really need to be so miserable about their chances in Wales?

It is now Labour Party policy for all leaders to be photographed only when raising their eyebrows.  

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What’s that? there’s not enough on the internet about Welsh politics… Well I couldn’t agree more.

Do you like Wales? Do you like politics? Do you like cats? Well if you like the first two then this is the place for you. I’m allergic to cats, so they won’t be making an appearance here.

In the run up to the Assembly elections I will be looking at how the parties can win in Wales, what the polls say and everything in between.

Because no one has really given that much of a shit about Welsh politics up until now, the blog aims to be accessible to all. So there’s a bit of a dictionary that I will build up with all of the made-up words that people use when they talk about Welsh politics.

Although if you do know your Leanne Woods from your Kirsty Williams, or your Free Wales Armies from your Plaid Cymrus then I hope there should be enough here for you too…

UKIP: Purple is the new red…?

Wales is increasingly looking like UKIP’s favourite stomping ground. Conventional wisdom has it that the grouse shooting, sherry swilling, Pringle sock wearing types found in the Home Counties are UKIP’s sweethearts. Although there are a few of those in Wales, it’s a different demographic where you will find so many Welsh UKIP apologists.

UKIP’s second favourite defector Mark Reckless who is charged with getting the Kippers through the front door of the Senedd in 2016 and their go at a Welsh manifesto for the General Election. 

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